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Family Dentistry Castle Valley Dental

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What is Family Dentistry? Castle Valley Dental

Oral Health is a vital part of a person’s overall health from day one. From the day they are born to the end of their lives, oral and dental health are crucial to their everyday lives. You wouldn’t want to let a cavity sit from childhood all the way through to adulthood. By then, it would have evolved into a much worse situation. You also wouldn’t let your children’s mouth health take a wrong turn either. This is why it is essential to get your teeth, gums, and mouth looked over every six months from a very young age.

Your family’s oral health is just as important as body and mental health. Do you have a dentist that you can trust to treat your entire family throughout their lifetimes? 


Family Dentists Focus on Everyone

Raising a healthy family is what every mother, father, and guardian strives to achieve. When it comes to oral health, you want a dentist you can go to for everyone in your family. That is precisely what Family Dentistry is about.   


Children and Young Adults

Family Dentists work with young children to teach them about the importance of oral health from the first appointment. The dentists then grow along with your children and follow their dental developments during their six-month cleanings and check-ups. They will evaluate baby teeth and gum health while they develop. The dentists will also assess the transition between baby and adult teeth for cavities and orthodontic needs. 


Family dentistry Castle Valley Dental

Castle Valley Dental, Castle Rock, Colorado


Once a person has lost their first set of teeth or “baby teeth,” their permanent teeth are the only set of teeth they have for the rest of their life. Caring for these permanent teeth is essential, which is why continuing on with six-month check-ups is crucial to keeping your teeth as healthy as possible. A cavity can quickly turn into a root canal or worse.

Family dentists understand what your oral health looks like from an early age and can assist you with every need properly. Looking for cosmetic changes and are interested in the cost of teeth whitening? A Family Dentist can help with that and give you the best options for a brighter and whiter smile. They can also repair chips and other cosmetic related mouth issues. 



Family Dentistry includes everyone, even grandparents; they work with the elderly population and every age in between. Elderly dental care is as essential as children’s dental care. Family dentists will assist those of the elderly population, focusing on their overall mouth health and continuing caring for their teeth and gums as they age. They will also educate them on the proper ways to take care of implants and dentures.



Along with the services for children and young adults, Family Dentists can also perform the following services for the adult and senior citizen community: 

  • Implants
  • Same-day Crowns
  • Dentures
  • Cosmetic Treatments
    • Teeth Whitening
  • Treatments for Gum Disease
  • Oral Cancer
  • Root Decay
  • Dry Mouth issues
  • TMJ problems
  • Snoring and sleeping problems

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Difference between General and Family Dental

All dentists must go through a rigorous educational program as well as training and certifications to gain entrance into the dental industry. There are different types of dentistry including, general, family, orthodontics, periodontist, and pediatrics. Many people confuse General Dentistry and Family Dentistry as interchangeable specialties; however, Family Dentistry encompasses everything.

General Dentistry usually has a smaller range of people they can work with compared to Family dentistry. From cleaning baby teeth to filling cavities, to same-day crowns to teaching proper denture care, Family Dentists take care of everyone. For example, the dentists at Castle Valley Dental in Castle Rock, CO, specialize in Family Dentistry, and their goal is to give the proper oral care to every patient no matter what the age. 


Why Choose Family Dentistry

Like the professionals at Castle Valley Dental, Family Dentists strive to provide oral care to the entire family. They specialize in making sure children are comfortable during their appointments and learn the importance of oral health from an early age. When it comes to adults and the elderly population, Family Dentists continue educating them about the importance of aging and proper mouth care. Family Dentists take great care in ensuring that their patients know precisely what they need to look for and how to take care of their teeth, gums, and mouths properly.