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The smile is one of the most known focal points on the human body and reveals so many emotions. It’s no wonder that many feel that keeping a nice white smile is important in having a good appearance. With all of the elements making teeth yellow, such as coffee, smoking and overall aging, there fortunately is a way to get your teeth back or close to that white teeth you had as a kid.

The best thing is, that if your on a budget there are options for teeth that are possibly already in your pantry. Don’t have piles of cash for your teeth? Good news is, there is none needed to achieve the perfect smile. Baking soda and charcoal are some natural alternatives to whitening teeth. Lots of tooth pastes on today markets come with baking soda already in them. Also rinsing your mouth with coconut oil and apple cider vinegar is another natural method that may be right in your cabinet. There are lots of options in the markets and drugstores that offers people options for teeth whitening such as gels, strips, and kits that have both strips and gels inside. Overall good dental hygiene is beneficial for a white smile; brushing twice a day, flossing, and staying away from sugar.

If our teeth is a darker yellow that goes beyond surface stains, you may want to consider getting professional treatments from the dentist. A dentist can offer a take home kit that offers a tray with highly concentrated bleach that the patient can put right over their teeth. If even more help is needed on the teeth the dentist can offer Zoom teeth whitening. With Zoom there is a concentration of about 25% hydrogen peroxide that is used in conjunction with a special lamp. There is also a Boost procedure for whitening teeth. This procedure uses hydrogen peroxide and bleach gel on the teeth. If the stains are just too deep in the teeth, then there are Veneers, which are shells of porcelain or composite that are customized to fix over the patients teeth. Veneers also help over up chipped teeth and are harder to stain. The number of options for whitening yellow teeth are high and for all types of teeth and stains. It’s up to you how to get your whiter, perfect smile.

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