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Some people will need dentures in their course through life. Dentures can help someone who has depression or low self-esteem due to the way they look with missing teeth. When it comes to dentures, there are several types to pick from.

Full Dentures
Full dentures are a complete false tooth which means a patient has upper and lower full set of teeth. Some patients receive full teeth if all natural teeth are lost or if the patient’s teeth are just rotting out. A patient may choose to have the rest of their teeth pulled if they know they are going to lose them over time especially if there is gum disease or do to age.
A recipient of dentures will want to know how long they will last. Dentures can last up to ten years if the person does proper maintenance procedures. Taking care of dentures is as important as if they were your real teeth.

Partial Dentures
If a person lost only a few teeth, they can get partials. Partials are used to not only make you look as if you did not have missing teeth, but also to keep your natural teeth from shifting. Yes, teeth can shift. Some partials are also called a “Bridge.” A partial bridge is a permanent attachment. With partials, you do not use poligrip. The partials have meatal connections that hook or snap onto the gums. Some partials use plastic instead of meatal connections.

Fixed Dentures and Implants
There is another type of denture. This type is called “Fixed Dentures.” There is also another known as “Implants.” Surgery is required to have this type of dentures work done. This is a procedure where the dentist would basically cement the bridge or the fake tooth into what is left of the natural tooth. It is similar to implants but not exactly the same.

Implants also require surgery. Implants act as artificial roots which look like a screw with a false tooth at the top end. The bone will grow around the artificial root and seal it in making it more solid than a natural root. Another way to say it is that the bone and implant will fuse together. The false tooth is also called a “Prosthetic.”

Sometimes the patent can have their teeth attached right after surgery. Some patients have to wait around six months. This will give the new root and bone time to fuse together. Some dentist can use the same procedure when it comes to the artificial root. There are full dentures that are made to snap into the artificial roots. They can be called Snap-on dentures.

See the specific denture options that we provide. Also learn more about partial dentures and how they could be a good option for people.

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