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While different standards of beauty rise to popularity throughout the years, there are some things that are considered staples to health and beauty that are not likely to change over time. One of these standards is having a good smile. People in the United States go to great lengths to achieve a beautiful smile. From getting braces in order to straighten their teeth during their teenage years, to regularly going to the dentist to make sure their oral health is up to standard, there are many practices that people undertake in order to have a good smile.

One of the easier procedures people take to make their smiles more beautiful is whitening their teeth. While there are many methods of teeth whitening available to choose from, one of the most popular methods is using teeth whiting strips. These strips can be found over the counter in any supermarket or drug store and are very effective in their whitening power. They work by applying a layer of peroxide to the teeth, which has been proved to be a safe practice. Most of them also have minty flavors that leave your mouth with a pleasant smell and taste.

In the United States alone, the tooth whitening industry is worth about $11 billion. And about 12% of all American households use or have used teeth whitening strips. These strips are so popular because they are very easy to use and also very effective. Simply take one out of the package and place it in your mouth and over your teeth. Afterward, just leave it on for the recommended amount of time indicated in the package and take them off once your time is up. Results can be seen almost immediately, although if your teeth are already very white, it might take a couple more uses for you to be able to tell the difference.

While these strips are very safe to use, the effects are temporary. This is due to the fact that people consume foods and beverages that tend to stain teeth easily. Coffee, orange juice, wine, food coloring, and certain spices are likely to stain teeth after you have whitened them. However, since the strips are so easily accessible, and you can buy all sorts of flavors and intensities, people tend to stock up and make them a part of their oral care routine.

Although the strips are not particularly intended for long-term use, using them sporadically and when you feel your teeth should be a little whiter than they are, should help your teeth stay healthy and clean. It’s also important to brush constantly and use toothpaste and mouthwash, as those two practices also help keep your teeth very clean and could help whiten them as well.

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