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Castle Valley Dental in Castle Rock, CO Can Help You Eliminate Sleep Apnea Issues with Sleep Apnea Treatment

sleep apnea treatment castle rock coSleep apnea is a common, yet potentially dangerous sleep condition. It is essentially when the airway becomes blocked while you are sleeping, reducing the amount of airflow that you get. Individuals that suffer from severe sleep apnea often uses CPAP machines- machines that ensure a consistent air flow while they are asleep. Our dentists in Castle Rock, CO can help eliminate any sleep apnea issues that you may have.

There are many symptoms of sleep apnea, although it can be hard to tell if you suffer from the condition because you are asleep. Some side effects include: diabetes, hypertension, dry mouth, snoring, inability to concentrate, teeth grinding, grogginess, moodiness, and depression

If you think that you may be suffering from sleep apnea, it is important to contact a professional. To successfully diagnose if you are suffering from the condition, we will conduct a sleep study. This is simply an observation and measurement of your sleep patterns to help us construct a treatment plan.

There are a variety of different sleep apnea treatments. Some people may find that simple lifestyle changes can cure their sleep apnea. For instance, losing weight in individuals that are significantly overweight may do the trick. For other patients, diet changes and stress management may be effective ways to monitor the disorder. The doctors available at sleep apnea treatment castle rock will ask you questions about your lifestyle, food, and fitness choices to help determine if changing these may help your condition.

When a lifestyle change isn’t enough, a PAP or CPAP machine is used. This helps to monitor the amount of air that you are getting while you sleep and keeps air flow consistent to help fight the side effects of sleep apnea. Patients who use this machine will often snore less, but some find it difficult to sleep with the machine on because it is a mask that covers the face and is connected to an air tube.

If you believe that you or a family member is potentially suffering from sleep apnea, do not wait, contact a professional today. Sleep apnea, while annoying and inconvenient, is also incredibly serious. Some individuals will stop breathing in the night and not wake up, and in some rare cases sleep apnea can lead to death. Sleep apnea can also decrease your quality of life and leave you feeling not yourself. The effect it can have on your moods, your focus, and how you feel day to day can be exponential.

If you are searching for relief, contact sleep apnea treatment castle rock. Our experts will help to analyze your condition and formulate a plan around your specific lifestyle, symptoms, and needs. Together, we can mitigate the symptoms of sleep apnea and get your life back on track. You’ll be feeling like your old, well-rested self in no time at all. Contact us today.