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dentures castle rock coCastle Valley Dental provides the best denture service in Castle Rock, CO. Dentures can change the lives of patients who have gone years keeping their mouths closed because they didn’t have an attractive smile. These replacement teeth enable patients to be themselves with confidence. They also help patients who have no teeth or cavity-filled teeth to enjoy food again. Learning to live with artificial teeth takes a little bit of time and a lot of patience, but it is well worth it in the end.

Immediate Teeth
This option allows patients to have all of their teeth pulled and walk out of the dentist’s office the same day with a brand new smile. One of the reasons this option works so well is that the mouth is measured before the dental work begins, so that any swelling or healing that takes place will not affect the long-term fit of the dental plates.

Traditional Dentures
Some patients opt to wait until healing is complete and all swelling is gone before they are fitted for replacement teeth. The good news is that patients can choose which option is best for them before the procedure even begins.

Taking Care of Dental Plates
Taking care of artificial teeth is easy yet can have disastrous results when not put into practice. Dental plates are fragile and can break when dropped. That is why it is a good idea to put a towel in the sink before handling replacement teeth. That way, if dropped, they have a soft surface on which to fall.

Other ways to take care of modern dental replacements include brushing them and soaking them when removed at night. There are special brushes for dental plates. As with regular teeth, food can get in between the artificial teeth, so it is important to clean them each day.It is important to use products specifically meant for artificial teeth, as they are different from natural teeth.

Getting Rid of the Fear of Wearing False Teeth
Many people don’t realize how much artificial replacement teeth have improved over the years. For one thing, technology has helped to secure the plates so that patients can talk and eat with confidence. In most replacement situations, there are no more clicking noises or embarrassing slipping of the dental plates.

Not only do false teeth look better than ever, but they function better than ever as well. Usually, when slipping occurs, it is the bottom teeth that slip. Today, patients can choose to have mini dental implants installed so that the bottom teeth won’t slip. We will be happy to address all of your concerns and answer all of your questions. Contact your Castle Rock, CO denture experts today for more information about dental implants and replacement teeth.