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  • The costs of cosmetic dentistry really depend on the specific procedure and treatment plan

  • Dental insurance does not always cover these procedures, but it is easy to find out

  • We offer the best quality cosmetic dentistry procedures in the area

  • Depending on the procedure actual surgery may not be needed

  • You can see some great before and after pictures of many procedures in our office

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Cosmetic dentistry improves a person’s aesthetic appearance with a beautiful smile, but it serves to provide so many other benefits. In fact, the functionality of many types of cosmetic dentistry serves to improve oral health and overall physical health. Visiting a cosmetic dentist can have promising results. Consider how it can improve your smile. Our dentist office provides cosmetic dental procedures that will last a lifetime! We offer affordable services in many types of cosmetic dentistry. We would love to talk to you specifically about a dental makeover no matter how big or small the procedure may be. Below you will see details on many of the different cosmetic dental procedures that we provide.

Dental Veneers – Make Your Smile Look Great Again Fast!

  • Call today to learn all about your unique process

  • Get the best looking white teeth at a fraction of the cost

  • Our doctor will guide you through your options so you are in charge every step of the way

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If you’re interested in improving the look of your smile with veneers, we can help. We offer natural looking, attractive veneers that can help to improve smiles that are stained, misaligned, or uneven. With our expertise and our wide variety of veneer options, we can help you achieve the smile of your dreams and go over the pros and cons of this procedure. If you’re looking for veneers in the Castle Rock area, we offer some of the best options. You may be looking for specific brands of veneers like Lumineers, all of our brands do vary in price range – for instance, if you are going to do a full mouth procedure or just specific areas will be a big factor.

Teeth Contouring – Reshape & Repair Your Existing Teeth

  • Did you know that you can use this procedure even after wearing braces?

  • See some great before and after phots at our office

  • The contouring procedure can be an affordable and cost less than other more intrusive procedures

  • Sometimes people try to do reshaping at home, but that can be a bad idea

Teeth contouring, which is also known as odontoplasty, stripping, slenderizing, or enameloplasty, is a procedure that reshapes teeth by removing small amounts of natural tooth enamel, which changes the tooth’s shape, surface, or length. Most patients have the procedure done to improve the appearance of their smiles. Teeth contouring is one of the easiest cosmetic dental treatments as the process is quick and relatively painless. In addition, the results are immediate, which is why the procedure is one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments.

Dental Bonding – One Of The Easiest Cosmetic Dental Procedures

  • Our bonding procedures are fast and affordable

  • The cost is far less than more intrusive and complicated procedures and the results are great

  • Dental insurance will cover most applications

One of the easiest, least expensive, and most common cosmetic dental procedures, tooth bonding is the process of applying a composite plastic, generally tooth-colored, for a variety of purposes. In many cases, tooth bonds are used to repair chipped or fractured teeth or to make discolored teeth look white and clean again. In some cases, they are also used to make teeth appear longer or to change the shape of your teeth–whatever cosmetic effect the patient desires. There are also a few practical, non-cosmetic advantages to tooth bonding. Bonds can be used to close spaces between teeth, which could normally be problem areas for plaque growth, and in cases where gum decay has caused the root of a tooth to be exposed, bonding can cover and protect the root. Best of all, applying tooth bonds is a simple and inexpensive process; in many cases, the procedure can be completed in just one dental appointment, and it can take as little as a half an hour. Whatever your reason for wanting to get tooth bonds, we will do a quick and professional job bonding your teeth.

Dental Inlays – Filling the Holes

  • Inlay procedures happen after there has been decay that has left a hole in the tooth

  • This can be a cost friendly procedure depending on the amount of work needed

Sometimes, the teeth develop decay and holes that are bigger than what a conventional filling can handle. However, they aren’t quite severe enough to require a crown or root canal therapy. Dental inlays are the perfect solution for those in-between situations. They may fit your issue precisely.