Our Dentists in Castle Rock, CO Can Improve Your Smile In Less Time With Same Day Crowns!

same day crowns castle rock coAt Castle Valley Dental, our goal is to provide the finest dental care, including same day crowns in Castle Rock, CO. Many people ask, what is a crown and why would I need one? Well, most patients get a crown because they need to cover a tooth after a root canal, a cracked or broken tooth, a weak tooth that may crack or break in the future, an implant, or anchor teeth that support an already existing bridge. Everybody has different needs and situations that require different types of crowns. Dr. Houser and his team of professionals will be happy to discuss your options with you to ensure you make the right decision. If you have about questions about crowns, Cerec, same day crowns, or any other aspect of your oral health, please call Castle Valley Dental today.

Castle Valley Dental is proud of our commitment to using the latest technology to better serve our patients. One of the technology “cornerstones” of our office is the CEREC CAD/CAM system. CEREC is a computer-aided design and manufacturing system that allows our dentists to create digital impressions of a patients mouth that are then used to create the most accurately manufactured restorations possible.

The whole process begins with the dentist using an intraoral camera chairside to capture images of the preparation, the tooth in question, and the bite situation. The CEREC software then creates a model of the tooth situation that the dentist uses to design the restoration on his screen. This design is then sent directly to the manufacturing unit, and in less than 20 minutes a perfectly matched restoration is ready to be attached to the patient’s trouble area.

CEREC CAD/CAM technology has many benefits for both patients and dentists. It eliminates the long waiting period for patients restorations to be milled and delivered. It enables restorations to be performed in one visit saving patients time and money, and allows dental practices to better serve their patients. The boost in confidence we see in our patients when their restorations and same day crowns are complete is the only reason we needed to purchase this technology. CEREC makes it easier for all of our patients to be the best they can be, and, at Smiles by Design, that is all that matters.

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