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I consider myself lucky to be able to say that without a doubt, I love what I do. Being a dentist isn’t just about treating teeth and gums. Every day I have the opportunity to meet new people give them the opportunity to get healthy and to stay healthy.

I was born in Tokyo and have lived all over the world including Africa and Australia. My family finally settled in Colorado in 1982. I graduated from Ponderosa High School in 1989 and spent four years in the U.S. Navy. Being in the Navy gave me the opportunity to connect with so many people from many unique backgrounds.

When I was stationed overseas at Lajes Field AFB, Azores, I was part of the team that closed the Naval Security Group there. It was interesting to see the different directions that all of my “shipmates” were headed. I learned that each of us had different goals and objectives and that there wasn’t a recipe for happiness that fit all of us. While finishing out my assignment overseas, my family had been sent home, and we were separated for a number of months. I always knew that my wife and daughters were important, but nothing could have shown me just how important until they were no longer there. Back in the early 90’s, there were no cell phones or e-mail. The only way to communicate was via a call twice a month and handwritten letters, which took a few weeks to get to our island. The lack of direct contact made the distance seem much farther than it actually was. The things that matter the most become crystal clear when they are no longer there. Needless to say, I love and value my family for many reasons, and they remain the central part of my everyday life.

Following my navy days, I continued my education at Utah State University. After graduation, I came back to Colorado to pursue my dental education. I am a proud alumni of the University of Colorado earning my bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences and doctorate in Dental Surgery. I really felt ready to go to work when I graduated in 2001 and started Castle Valley Dental in August of 2001.

My large family is a constant source of inspiration as we face life’s triumphs and challenges together. My wife Stacie and I were married in 1990 and have six children with a growing number of son and daughter in laws, and grandbabies.

I consider myself to be a person who is always willing to try new things. I love to travel, camp, cycle, boat and try anything that involves my friends and family being together. I love spending time with people, but also enjoy time to myself reading and listening to great music.

I strive every day to help people live better by learning what it takes to have healthy teeth. We achieve this by understanding what is important to our patients and improving the way that they feel about themselves. There is no better feeling than seeing a patient feel confident about their smile.

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Enthusiastically helping you achieve your goals through trust, integrity, and kindness.

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