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Almost everyone is looking for that invigorated smile that has been hampered by teeth discoloration; Teeth whitening has become a popular cosmetic dental procedure irrespective of the cost. However, depending on your financial muscle, there are options that apply to teeth whitening. Home-use systems low-dose bleaching agents and in office whitening are all options available, each of which comes with a different price tag. If you are willing to pay a good amount, you can access the in-office whitening that monitors the conditions that allow for the safe, pain-free and organized application of high concentration bleaching gel.

Teeth whitening cost depends on the procedure that you prefer. It ranges from $15 to $1500 making it within the financial reach of anyone willing to undergo the procedure. Some shoppers go directly to the source because retail prices can never match the price tag by wholesalers in any given market. In this scenario, the retailers are the dentist and companies that create these products are the wholesalers. Dentists sell these products within the market at crazy prices, which explains why smart shoppers go directly to the source.

Low-cost teeth whitening

Among the affordable teeth, whitening systems is the whitening strips whose quality depends on the manufacturing company. Some of these cost between $40 and $60 on average. However, in as much as they are effective, they have a limitation in their whitening capabilities. For instance, strips are not able to properly whiten crooked teeth, crevices, and gum lines. Whitening strips are temporary solutions that demand regular upkeep even though they are both affordable and disposable after use. This makes them moderately effective.Custom-fitted whitening trays are in the mid-range costs. You can get them at $100 if you purchase them directly from the dental lab. This price goes five times higher when you purchase them from a dentist. Low-cost teeth whitening systems enable you to pay for longevity, but if you purchase custom-fitted trays, you get a reusable item that costs $8 per syringe.

In-office teeth whitening

When you go for in-office teeth whitening, you are guaranteed an excellent environment that enables close monitoring, pain-free and controlled procedure, which uses a relatively high concentration of bleaching gel. This procedure produces fast results and is the safest form of bleaching. Tooth and gum sensitivity is controlled due to the usage of peroxide gels that does not soak into the teeth. It incorporates desensitizers like nitrate, potassium, and fluoride. However, it is an expensive alternative going from $650. The results also can be unpredictable depending on heredity, age, and the staining present.Most people only need an annual dental checkup to keep their white teeth in good shape. However, if you are into teeth whitening procedures, you know where your financial strength resides. Learn more about our teeth whitening services. There are also options for doing teeth whitening at home.

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