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Dental Implant And What To Expect To Pay
Dental implants is a procedure that involves metal frames or posts that are placed into the jawbone beneath the gums. When properly placed, they give the dentist the opportunity to mount a replacement on top of the frames. The implants offer a stable support system for artificial teeth to prevent the dentures or bridges from shifting. This procedure offers a natural and comfortable feeling, unlike ordinary bridges and dentures. For some individuals, regular dentures and bridges are not comfortable and can cause sore spots, gagging, and poor ridges.

To become eligible to receive implants, a person must have adequate bone structure and healthy gums. They must also commit to keeping there implants healthy with meticulous oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist.

According to the American Dental Association, there are two types of dental implants that are considered safe. They are:

Endosteal implants — these implants are directly placed on the jawbone. When the gum tissue is completely healed there is a second surgery that is needed to connect the post to the implant. Afterward, the artificial tooth is grouped on a bridge or individually attached to the post.

Subperiosteal implants — this procedure is a little different. A metal frame is placed just below the gum line, and once the gum line is completely healed the frame becomes fitted to the jaw bone. Afterward, the posts are attached to the frame and then extended through the gums. Once all the steps are completed the artificial teeth are then mounted to the posts, same as the endosteal procedure.

How Much Are Dental Implants

Once you choose to purchase dental implants, the price may be a large factor in your decision. The price of dental implants will depend on the type of procedure, the type of implantation, your dental insurance, and where the surgery must take place. Although implants have the reputation of being slightly more expensive than the replacement of a tooth, they have the tendency to last longer and be more durable.

The price of the procedure tends to vary, on average a client can expect to pay $3000 to $4,000 per tooth. If a client decides on purchasing full mouth restoration versus dentures, then they should expect to pay tens of thousands. For example, in some cases, a full mouth replacement could cost up to $60,000.

If this particular procedure is not covered in the insurance plan or the client does not have insurance, then there is an option for third-party finances such as CareCredit. In this case, candidates who are qualified can create a monthly plan that supports their current budget

Taking Care Of New Implants

Oral hygiene is very important when it comes to healing after surgery. To make sure that your implants heal correctly, it is advised to use an oral rinse before bed and at least twice a day. This can include a product like Peridex Oral Rinse or warm salt water. Also, remember that while brushing your teeth, it is best practices to brush gently across the surgical areas.

Some people do not consider physical activity as a part of the healing process. However, it is a good idea to keep these activities to a minimum following your surgery. If you are considering exercising, just remember that it is possible to experience bleeding or a throbbing feeling. If this happens, stop working out immediately, and limit your exercise routine until you are completely healed. Find out your specific implant cost by booking a free consultation appointment today.

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