Do you know how to teach healthy dental habits for kids? Everyone knows that brushing your teeth is essential to good dental health. It is also widespread knowledge that this healthy habit should take place twice a day, for two minutes at a time. To take your healthy dental habits a step further, flossing should also be added to your routine on a daily basis. 

We all understand the concept of these, but what exactly is the importance of doing these things, and how do we teach healthy dental habits for kids that will stick with them the rest of their lives? Let’s take a look, and check out how Castle Valley Dental can help!

The Importance of Healthy Dental Habits for Kids

Studies have shown that kids who are taught healthy dental habits early on are more likely to continue these routines into adulthood. This leads to them experiencing fewer dental problems throughout their lives, and can even positively impact their self-image. This boosted self-image and confidence directly correlates to their achievements in school. Kids’ dental health can quite literally make or break certain aspects of their future. 

One of the most important effects of kids establishing healthy dental hygiene habits, however, is the way that they can effectively prevent many dental health problems. These habits help to address plaque on your kid’s teeth, by preventing it or removing it. They can also help your kid avoid gum disease, which often causes halitosis and can lead to tooth decay. 

In addition, healthy dental habits can cut down on the number of cavities your child experiences. Dental decay is at the top of the list of common chronic childhood diseases and failing to address it could lead to negative outcomes for your kid, as well as far too many trips to the kids’ dentist. 

Not only do these healthy habits help prevent dental troubles in kids, but they can also positively impact the rest of their health and well-being. On the other hand, failure to establish healthy dental habits can negatively impact your child. Not practicing good oral hygiene can lead to excessive tooth loss, improper jaw formation, malnutrition, and mouth pain. Continuing to go down this path of bad brushing habits can also increase their risk of developing heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and more. 

How to Teach Kids Healthy Dental Habits

Now that we have expressed just how important kids’ dental health is, you may be wondering how you should go about teaching your children good oral hygiene. You should begin taking care of their dental health as soon as their teeth become visible as a baby. 

Once they are a little older, take the time to show them the proper way of brushing their teeth, including how to brush all surfaces like the front, the back, and the tops of their teeth. While they are still perfecting their fine motor skills, you will need to assist them to ensure that it is being done correctly. Have them practice brushing to improve their skills as well. 

It is also crucial that you begin showing them how to floss their teeth from a young age. Demonstrate how to get the proper amount of floss from the container and how to get in between every tooth and along the gum line. Mouthwash can be a beneficial final step in their dental hygiene routine and can be helpful in preventing cavities and removing any remaining loose food particles. 

Make kids’ dental health fun instead of treating it like a chore to be checked off every day. Take your child along shopping with you and allow them to pick out their own toothbrush in their favorite color or one with their favorite television show character on it. Talk them through different toothpaste flavors and ask which one they would like to try. 

When brushing your teeth together, have a set song that you brush through the entirety of, or watch a video during this time. When you create an enjoyable experience, kids are more likely to want to complete the task, especially when given the opportunity to do it with you. 

how to teach healthy dental habits for kids

Castle Valley Dental as Your Kids’ Dentist

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