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The injury comes in varied forms, some more excruciating than the other does. As compared to other injuries, dental ones tend to leave one in an almost painful state. These injuries are usually severe and should, therefore, be fixed or treated in a timely manner, and such wounds are referred to as dental emergencies. It is paramount that one visits the dentist or a trained professional within thirty minutes as this can mean the difference between losing and saving a tooth.

Some examples of dental emergencies are:

Knocked out teeth.
One’s teeth being forcibly detached from the body through either accidents or surgery characterize this. Depending on the type of tooth knocked out, some actions should be taken.
What to do
If it were a milk tooth, then an immediate appointment with a dentist would suffice. On the other hand, a permanent tooth will require one to do the following:
• If the tooth is unclean, rinse it in sterile salty solution before trying to reattach it. Do not scrub it.
• Try gently reattaching the tooth into the socket. Hold the tooth by the crown, not the root as this can damage root cells.
• Apply firm but gentle pressure
• If immediate replantation fails, then you should keep the tooth in either saliva, pasteurized milk, or any other tooth preserving liquid like contact lens fluid.
• Visit the dentist.

Teeth pushed out of position.
There is no detachment of the tooth from the socket; instead, the tooth is pushed out of its normal position, therefore, appearing skewed.
What to do
• Gently attempt to reposition the teeth to its normal alignment by applying subtle pressure. Do not force it as this may end up doing more damage.
• Bite down the teeth to keep it from shifting.
• Visit the dentist.

Cracked tooth
As the name suggests, the tooth is broken. Exposing the sensitive papillary nerves which usually leads to throbbing pain.
What to do
• Rinse your mouth with a sterile saline solution, e.g., warm salty water.
• Use an ice pack to compress the swelling.
• Visit the dentist.

Fractured/chipped/broken tooth
Some, but not the whole, part of the tooth has been completely detached. There is no way of reattaching a fractured piece; therefore, it is advisable that one should stopover at the dentist’s office.

Oral tissues injury
Not all mouth emergencies deal with teeth. These injuries include tissue tears, punctures and, lacerations. In such a situation, it is advisable that the injured area is decontaminated to prevent further infection. One should immediately go to the hospital.

To conclude, oral injuries should not be taken lightly, and one should seek immediate medical help. Failure to do so can results in complications like inflammation, contamination of infected area, and even more scary choking on your tooth.

Find out more about how we handle dental emergencies and what you should do when a dental emergency occurs.

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