What Emergency Dental Services are Near Me?

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When dental accidents and injuries happen, you’ll need emergency dental services. We’ve all been there.  We also know that pain and discomfort doesn’t always happen during business hours Monday through Friday. 


If you’re experiencing pain and discomfort in your mouth, teeth and gums, you may need to have emergency dental work to ease your pain and potentially save your life. 


But how do you know what to justify as an emergency dental service? Continue reading this article to get helpful insight and tips on what a dental emergency is considered and what to do when it happens. 


How Do You Know If You Need Emergency Dental Services?

If you can answer yes to the following questions you have a dental emergency and need to go to a dentist’s office or emergency room right away. 


Have you lost a tooth? – not a crown or cavity fill


Do you have uncontrolled bleeding in your mouth?


Do you have severe pain from a crack or chipped tooth? 


Are you experiencing pain in your mouth accompanied by face or jaw swelling and a fever?


Do you have a loose tooth? 


Are you experiencing severe pain that isn’t tamed by pain medication or ice? 


These types of signs and symptoms all justify your need for a dental emergency. Call your dentist as soon as possible or search for “emergency dental services near me” if you are away from home. 


Common Dental Emergencies

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Experiencing oral pain? Find out more about emergency dental services at Castle Valley Dental.

Getting a tooth knocked out is definitely considered a dental emergency but there are other common dental emergencies that you might not know or think about until it happens. It’s always good to be prepared for when you should seek emergency treatment. 


  • Injury to the gums
  • Fractured jawline
  • Abscess
  • Partially dislodged tooth
  • Suture removal
  • Denture adjustment when it impairs eating or functioning (read our latest post: How to Better Make Your Dentures Fit Properly
  • Post-operative dry sockets
  • Adjusting or snipping dental wire that is causing pain, irritation or cutting
  • Dental trauma from an accident 


When To Wait Until Monday

When you’re in pain, you want it fixed and taken care of ASAP, but sometimes that isn’t a viable option. 


If you are able to ease your pain by over-the-counter pain medication or ice, wait to call your dentist until Monday or their next business day.  Emergency dental services are more costly than regular dental services which can help you decide if it is worth calling or waiting. Crowns that fall out, or missing cavity fillings can obviously be uncomfortable but can ultimately wait until your dentist office opens.  


How To Prevent A Dental Emergency 

Having bi-annual check ups with your dentist could potentially save you from having a painful dental emergency. During your checkups your dentist will review everything and can see what could possibly end up becoming an emergency in the near future.  


Proper oral hygiene with daily brushing and flossing will also cut down on your chances of an emergency. 


Get Help from Castle Valley Dental

If you are experiencing a dental emergency after regular business hours and live in the Castle Rock, CO area, give us a call, we are ready to help.


 Here at Castle Valley Dental we provide a wide array of services from general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and emergency dental services. 


We are considered one of the top Castle Rock, CO dentists and we are ready to solve your emergency dental issue and ease your pain!