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When it comes to missing teeth, they are not only a cosmetic inconvenience, they can also be incredibly bad for your health. Missing teeth can lead to infection and deterioration of the jaw and underlying jaw bone. Infection in the jawbone can lead to damage of your overall health and holistic wellness. Another benefit of dental bridges is that they eliminate the “sunken look” that people develop when they are missing one or more teeth.

There are a few options for teeth replacement, depending on your dental situation. For instance, if you are missing all of your teeth, dentures and all on four treatments can be fore you. If you are missing a single teeth, dental veneers and bridges may be the right option.

A dental bridge is used in a very specific scenario. When you are missing a tooth but the teeth surrounding the missing tooth are healthy, you may be eligible for a dental bridge. Your eligibility for a dental bridge is determined based on the location of your missing and healthy teeth and how many teeth you are exactly missing.

Dental bridges offer many benefits. They can be crafted and tailored to look and function just like your natural teeth. They are a cosmetically pleasing solution for missing teeth. They are a great treatment option when the remaining teeth in the mouth are sturdy and can be used as anchors for the dental bridge.

When the teeth around your missing area are not strong and healthy, you may be a better candidate for dental implants. A dental implant is made with a titanium base that goes directly into the jaw, meaning that it does not need teeth around it to anchor it. Dental implants are a life long solution for missing teeth, but they may be costlier than dental bridges with less insurance coverage.

Dental bridges are permanently bonded to your teeth, making them a long term treatment option. You can chew and talk regularly with them in, which is a benefit that many people do not get with other teeth replacement alternatives such as dentures. If you are missing teeth with solid teeth around them, you may be a good candidate for a dental bridge.

If you are missing teeth, then in regards to dental bridges: none needed. These are strictly treatment options for people that are missing teeth and have the right dental setup to accommodate bridges.

If you think that dental bridges are a viable option for you, contact your dentist right away. Together, you can evaluate if a bridge is the right treatment plan for your mouth. Learn more about dental bridges and other cosmetic dental procedures on our main website. Also check out our page on full mouth restorations.

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