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The average person doesn’t care about denture repairs, that is until he gets gum disease, starts losing teeth or has other problems that warrant him to consider having a partial or full mouth of false teeth. One’s original teeth or dentures can both get damaged from wear, impact or biting a hard food or object.

To begin with, dentures have been created from a consistency named acrylic resin, which has been replaced with much better materials, but the majority of dentures were made with it for years. These resins are associated with thermosetting plastic and thermoplastics, and they are still used in some dental offices today. The acrylic they are crafted from can wear away, and repairs are inevitable over the time one wears his dentures.

In addition, from tiny to large fractures in the dentures can and do happen. The usual culprit is a set of dentures that do not fit the mouth properly. The top and bottom dentures must fit right in that they help one to chew and bite his food. There is pressure with biting down that if the teeth are not aligned it can fracture the plate. There are tiny breaks at first, then a minute crack will let one know there is a larger one in need of repair.

Also, dropping dentures and breaking them is another common reason for the need of repair. Both teeth and the pink gums can break, but they can be repaired easily. There are many over the counter repair kits for emergencies, but get the dentist to do it, as he can add some material back into the dentures that will make the fit better.

About every ten years a new pair is suggested, just like check ups for eyes, ears and one’s regular health needs. The dentist cannot be excluded as it is of the utmost importance to see a dentist regularly and less often for denture wearers. There are many denture- wearing youths, teens and adults in all the world today, and if not for these teeth one could not chew, bite or aid digestion well. Learn more about how we handle denture repair at Castle Valley Dental.

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