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dental crowns castle rock coAt Castle Valley Dental, our mission is to provide the finest dental care, including quality dental crowns in Castle Rock, CO. Your teeth are simply priceless to some degree, and we all should do our very best to take good care of them.

Teeth aren’t just used for chewing purposes. These hard oral structures do a good job of displaying how well you’re taking care of your body. Taking the time to care for your teeth will actually help you save them, which will definitely pay off in the long run. Unfortunately, people tend to have problems with their teeth whether they’re taking good care of them or not. Dental crowns are some of the most widely used dental components in society today, and they’re used to restore a person’s smile.

Dental Crowns are implemented by dentists to help strengthen the tooth’s structure. In many cases, not taking care of a cavity can lead to getting a crown. The reason being for this action is that if a cavity gets to large, then it can’t be successfully filled. There just isn’t enough of the tooth’s natural structure that’s left to hold onto the actual the filling. If this is the case, then a crown is needed.

Dental crowns can also be used for vanity purposes. If you’re missing a tooth, have a cracked tooth or have a crooked tooth, a dental crown can be used to coverup the issue. These high-quality components are also made from high-quality material that are solid, including gold, porcelain, resin, stainless steel and ceramic.

Biteforce will be increased to normal levels once the crown is implemented into existence. Of course, your budget will play a huge role in the type of crown that you may be seeking, but your dentist will determine the best option that meets your specific need.

Dental crowns will restore the tooth to its natural size and shape. The function of a crown will act in similar ways to a natural tooth. You may actually need a dental crown if:

  • have a missing tooth that requires a bridge
  • want to cover an old dental implant that doesn’t look good
  • have treatments such as root canals
  • posses weakened or worn down teeth
  • and more

The procedure of getting a dental crown is rather painless. Your mouth will be numbed, and you’ll only feel the vibration of the dental drilling. Your dentist will be using cold water during this process, which could be annoying if you have other sensitive teeth.

After the drilling is completed, you’ll be told to bite down into a mouthpiece that’s full of glue-like material. This material will be used to build your new crown.

When that part of the journey is over, your dentist will put in place a temporary crown. This temporary crown should stay in place until your permanent crown is put on, which could be a few weeks.

That’s it!. When your permanent crown is ready, dental crowns will pull off the temporary crown, clean the area and adhere the permanent crown into place.

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