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Every single wants their child to feel good about themselves and be confident. No parent really wants their child to hide their smile around other people, or not smile confidently for photographs. However, a lot of parents think that cosmetic procedures for children are a bit excessive. This is not particularly true. There are plenty of cosmetic dental procedures that children can undergo in order to fix their teeth that are perfectly safe and acceptable for them to have. most dentists will agree that these procedures are safe, will make your child feel better about their smile, and are sometimes even necessary and recommended under certain circumstances.

One of these procedures is the use of micro-abrasive chemicals to get rid of spots and stains on a child’s teeth. The procedure is perfectly safe and will not damage a child’s teeth. Some children may have accidentally stained their teeth due to medicine and other factors, and a quick and easy micro-abrasive cleaning should help get rid of that discoloration, leaving your child’s teeth shiny and white.

Another procedure that is perfectly safe for a child to undergo, and sometimes is the only option if your child has a broken tooth or set of teeth, is bonding. If your child has a broken or chipped tooth, a dentist will usually apply bonding to restore the missing part of the tooth. The bonding is very stable but can come off if its not taken care of. It’s very common for bonding to come off of a tooth, and that’s okay since it is a fairly inexpensive procedure. After a child’s teeth stop growing, it is recommended that the bonding is replaced with a porcelain crown, if the fractured tooth requires it.

Another procedure that is very common is replacing old metal fillings with white fillings. This will make a child’s teeth look much nicer and will make the grey looking fillings disappear.
There are other more common procedures like braces that a lot of parents choose for their children in order to make their teeth look better and straighter. These procedures are very common and almost all dentists are willing and capable of performing them.

All in all, cosmetic dental procedures for children are very safe and sometimes recommended by dentists in order for a child’s teeth to be healthier and stronger. Every parent wants their child to feel confident in their smile and some of these procedures do exactly that. From teeth whitening to get rid of stains to wearing braces in order to straighten teeth, these procedures are very common and are undergone by the majority of children in the United States as a regular part of their oral care. That being said, nothing beats brushing your teeth and rinsing afterward.

If you think that your kids may have a need for a cosmetic dental procedure be sure to check out our page on our cosmetic dental services. If you are concerned about the cost of these procedures, also see this page.

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