What Are The Benefits Of Dentures?

Are you dealing with tooth loss and are unhappy with your smile? 

We can lose our teeth for hundreds of reasons, medication, illness, old age, and wear and tear are just a few. 

When we lose our teeth we hide our smiles and change the way we eat, not choosing foods that are too hard to bite into. 

That isn’t the way to go through life! Here at Castle Valley Dental we want to help you find your smile confidence back! 

If you’ve lost some teeth or all and are considering replacement options, consider dentures!

There are many benefits of dentures and we will discuss a few of them below! 

Facial Support

Teeth aren’t just for chewing or smiling; they are much more essential than that. 

They help to keep your face and jaw supported and shaped properly. When you lose your teeth, you no longer have a structure for your jaw, and mouth to shape around.

When you get dentures you improve the support and can hold the correct facial structure. In short, with dentures, you’ll continue to look like YOU! 

benefits of dentures

Improved Confidence

Do you shy away from pictures, stop eating out with friends and keep from having to talk a lot in social situations? 

If your missing teeth have crushed your confidence, rest assured that dentures can reignite that confidence by giving you your smile back! 

Dentures are custom fit for your mouth and look as natural as teeth. No one will be able to tell the difference unless YOU tell them! 

You’ll be able to enjoy going out again, smiling in pictures and talking away at parties and events with no fear of being embarrassed by your smile. 


Did you have to give up your favorite foods when you lost your teeth? With the right fitting dentures, you can enjoy all your favorites again! It might be a learning curve at first to chew with your dentures, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be ordering steak and all your favorites once again! 

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice what you love to eat, just because you’ve lost your teeth! Let dentures allow you to enjoy ALL the food again! 

Easy To Take Care Of

Another great benefit of dentures is that they are easy to take care of. A few minutes each day and night are all that it takes to keep your dentures in tip-top shape! 

Basically, you just change out your brushing routine for denture care! 

You simply remove them and clean them, being mindful to remove all glue and food particles. Brush them with a soft bristle brush and denture toothpaste to get that minty fresh feeling and then store them in a denture solution overnight to keep them from drying out. 

When you take care of your dentures, you’ll improve the lifespan and keep them looking brand new! 


If you’re asking yourself “How much do dentures cost?” You’ll be happy to know that they are one of the most affordable tooth replacement options available! 

Even though they are custom-fit and shaped to your exact measurements, you’ll find that they are an extremely affordable option. 

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If you are experiencing tooth loss and want to know your options, let us help you by going over all the benefits of dentures. 

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