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Dentures can be very expensive. And if you do not have insurance that will pay for it, you may find yourself in a tough spot. You need to contact your insurance company. And, if you have a low income, you may qualify for Medicaid, which might pay for it. Otherwise, there are some options available.

If dentures are not covered by your insurance, you will need to find a place where they may be more reasonable. Original Medicare does not usually cover dentures. However, you may have an advantage plan that will cover part of the cost. This is something you need to double check with your insurance company. So, if it turns out that none of your insurance pays for the dentures, there are some places to turn to reduce the out-of-pocket cost, especially for seniors who are on a fixed budget.

Dental savings plans offer a discount off dental services. For instance, if a full upper denture costs $1845, with a dental savings plan, it might only cost $983. While this is still a lot of money, it is almost a 50% savings. And savings plans have no limit to how often they can be used. There is no benefit cap. You can still use the plan to go back for other services you might need.

To help with the cost of dentures, you can also apply for Care Credit. This is a special financing credit card that can be used at the dentist. It can help absorb the cost and allow you to pay it over time. This helps tremendously with the cost of the dentures because you do not have to pay it all at one time.

Researching online is also important. There are places that offer discounted prices on dentures. For instance, advertises that they have dentures (upper or lower) that start at $399. That is significantly less expensive that going to some other dentists. They offer guarantees on the dentures and tout themselves as trying to keep the price of dentures as affordable as possible. Another example is This website offers a variety of dentures and implant options. You can choose your kind of denture, which each comes with their own length of guarantee. So, if you choose the most expensive option, you will get the longest warranty (up to 7 years). You can find a dentist in your area that will work in conjunction with the company to get your dentures to you.

So, if you need dentures and your insurance does not cover it, start doing your research. You can find dental service providers that offer discounts or savings plans that drastically reduce your cost. Furthermore, you can apply for credit to help stretch the payments into a more manageable monthly payment.

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