Are cerec crowns a good alternative in 2020? Castle Rock CO

“You need a crown” is not something you want to hear from your dentist.  Dental crowns are a significant investment in your health, to strengthen and preserve the life of your tooth. However, it’s also a substantial financial investment.


There are other options available than the traditional dental crown. CEREC crowns in Castle Rock, CO, are becoming a popular alternative throughout the dental industry as a very effective dental restoration.


What is a CEREC Crown?


CEREC, Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, is a computer-aided design and manufacturing system allowing dentists to create digital impressions of a patient’s mouth. This impression is then used to make the most accurately manufactured restorations possible.


CERC also allows dentists to create and apply individual ceramic restorations in just one appointment. Unlike a traditional crown, you don’t need to come back in for follow-up appointments or wait for lab work.


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Advantages of CEREC Crowns


Same Day Procedure

With a traditional dental crown, you can wait as long as 2 weeks before it’s ready. With a CEREC crown, you walk into the dentist’s office and walk out with your new crown the same day.


Dentists use computer-aided design (CAD) and manufacturing (CAM) to take digital images of your tooth and jaw, design, and create a crown— all right there in the office, same day.



Are cerec crowns a good alternative in 2020 Castle Rock CO


Restore the use of your teeth immediately


Your teeth affect more than just your smile. They affect how you talk and your eating patterns. With a temporary dental crown, you have to wait for a dental laboratory to design the permanent crowns.


While waiting, you have to be cautious when eating or talking. Following a particular diet is recommended by dentists to be sure the temporary crown does not fall off. With CEREC crowns, you don’t have to worry about either!


Prevents Injury to the Tooth

A temporary crown protects the tooth and limits shifting while a permanent crown is being made. Unfortunately, a temporary crown will not always correctly fit in your mouth, causing it to come loose. A loose crown can cause injury or other issues, as well as resulting in an emergency dental visit in Denver.


Since CEREC crowns are made the same day, they eliminate the risk of injury by providing you a crown that fits in just one appointment. CEREC crowns also require less drilling, helping to save most of your tooth.

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Saving Money

Temporary crowns and multiple appointments and services add up, even with dental insurance. CEREC crowns cut your dentist visits in half because they don’t require numerous visits or a temporary crown, thus saving you money!


Fewer appointments also means less time you have to take off work and/or find childcare to make your appointment.



Since temporary crowns often don’t fit properly and are made from resin, they can be uncomfortable. CEREC crowns consist of ceramic and custom made, so they fit perfectly, making them comfortable in your mouth.

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Prevent Decay

Since temporary crowns sometimes come off, they can create an environment for further tooth decay. Same-day CEREC crowns eliminates this risk.


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