5 Benefits of dental cleaning by a family dentist

Do you go to a different dental practice than your children? If so, it’s time to switch to a family dentist to accommodate your whole family’s needs.


Family dentistry and general dentistry seem similar, however they have one fundamental difference. General dentistry is typically restricted to one specific age group, while family dentistry caters to patients of all ages.


A family dentist is the perfect way to make life easier while still providing quality dental care for your family. If you’re hesitant to make the switch, here are a few reasons to choose a family dentist for your dental care in Castle Rock, CO.


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Family dentists simplify your whole family’s dental care by treating everyone in your household. From elderly patients down to toddlers, your family will receive the care that they need at your chosen family dentist.


Schedule your whole family’s routine cleanings together and simplify your life. This continuum of care allows your children to see the same dentist from when they are children through adulthood.


Wide-Range of Services

Most family dentists offer a wide range of services and benefits. This is because they are designed to treat patients of all ages.


It’s essential they can fit older patients for dentures or design retainers for teenagers. Whether you are looking for teeth whitening or a deep cleaning, your dentist can provide many different approaches to ensure that you don’t have to travel between providers to get the oral health care you need.


Personal Relationships

The longer your family sees a family dentist, the better the relationship will be. Each member of your family will get to know their dentist and feel comfortable with the care being provided to them. This makes it easier to express any concerns that may arise in the future.

5 Benefits of dental cleaning by a family dentist – CO

Building a relationship also makes it easier for your kids to visit the dentist as they build trust and won’t be afraid of the dentist. You’ll know that they are in good hands, and they won’t feel any anxiety when they hop into the dental chair.

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Track Dental Health

It’s easier to track your dental history. Having to jump from a pediatric dentist to a general dentist can be problematic for your dental care. It’s much easier to establish a relationship with one dentist.

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This allows your dental history and chart to stay in one place. The treatment of any dental issues is quickly addressed, meaning nothing falls through the cracks when you are under the care of a family dentist.


Lead By Example

If your family goes to different dentists’ offices, chances are your children won’t see you sitting in the dentist’s chair or getting your teeth cleaned.


When visiting a family dentist, the whole family can have their dental cleaning together. This allows your kids to see you putting a priority on your oral health. With your example in place, they are more likely to care for their teeth now and in the future.


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Meeting Family Dentistry Needs

5 Benefits of dental cleaning by a family dentist

Here at Castle Valley Dental, Coloradowe are proud to provide outstanding family dental services to the Castle Valley community and surrounding areas for years. At Castle Valley Dentalwe care about our patients and strive to educate the importance of dental health.


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